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Destin tordu : famille hilton

The five Hilton brothers – Jimmy, Stewart, Matthew, Alex and Dave – seemed to have what it takes to become multimillionaire superstars in the world of boxing. They were born into a boxing dynasty, had natural talent and were raised by a father who himself was a champion in the ring. Yet the Hilton brothers have been unable to escape their miserable pasts and have wrecked the glory of their successes with crime sprees that include sexual assault, robbery, tobacco smuggling and a number of criminal offences usually fuelled by alcohol and inevitably landing them behind bars. This documentary takes a long look at the history of this tortured family and tries to explain just what could have driven these brothers to become what they are today.


1 season, 1 episode


75 min


  • Documentary


  • Télé-Québec


1 season, 1 episode, 2003 - 2003

  • 1 x 75 min (2003)

Awards and recognitions

2 Gémeaux Awards

  • 2004 - Gala des Prix Gémeaux - Meilleure réalisation - documentaire - affaires publiques, biographie
  • 2004 - Gala des Prix Gémeaux - Meilleure musique originale - documentaire