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L'échelle du talent, zéro à 1000 $

L'échelle du talent, Zéro à 1000 $ (Zero to $1,000 on the Talent Scale) is an incredibly entertaining variety show featuring amateur performers of all kinds who are rated by studio judges on a talent scale. Individuals and groups – many with the weirdest of talents – get a score between $0 and $1,000! As the talent level varies, so do the rewards, and once their performance is over, the contestants must swallow their pride and accept the ranking they are given. This show isn’t just an Idol-style youth-fest. Anyone can give it a shot, whatever their age or background. Any kind of performance is allowed, from serious to funny, from dazzling to low-rent, from classical to experimental, as long as they are memorable and eye-catching (and fuel the workplace water-cooler effect). L'échelle du talent, Zéro à 1000 $ is a guilty pleasure every evening and a talking point the next morning!


1 season, 70 episodes


30 min


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1 season, 70 episodes, 2010 - 2011

  • 70 X 30 min (2010-2011)