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Laisse faire, j'vais le faire

Laisse faire, j’vais le faire (I’ll just do it myself) is the battle cry of the women who take part in this female-friendly home renovation show. This is finally the opportunity for the women who watch Canal Vie to carry out a long-awaited renovation project without spending a penny! Each week one determined woman rolls up her sleeves and takes control of her renovations with the aid of a team of top pros who help her do stuff she never dreamed of doing. With her “boys” at her side and shiny new toolbox in hand, she learns how to renovate a room in her house step-by-step. She discovers not only the basics of the trade, but also her own unheralded skills and good-old-fashioned hard work. And her work gets its reward! Because as well as going through a fulfilling experience with a gang of unforgettable pros who believed in her from start to finish, she has the immense satisfaction of revealing the spectacular renovation to the man in her life and to tell him, “I did it myself!”


2 seasons, 39 episodes


30 min


  • Magazine


  • Canal Vie


2 seasons, 39 episodes, 2010 - 2011

  • 26 x 30 min (2011–2012)
  • 13 x 30 min (2010-2011)