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12 couples. Two homes. Get ready to rumble! With home ownership increasingly difficult today, this reality competition draws in viewers rooting for their favourite participating couples in a major renovation showdown where one deserving couple will have their greatest dream come true: to become a homeowner. From different regions and from different backgrounds, the intrepid participants have ten weeks to outdo themselves in a bid to win a new, fully appointed home worth $700,000. Couples are divided into two teams. Teams live and work together on their designated sites while giving their all in renovating and fitting out their homes room by room. Their work is evaluated weekly by the competition’s judges and those coming up short are voted off by their peers. When only two couples are left standing, it’s up to the viewers to decide which one gets to own the home they’ve created.


1 season, 40 episodes


30 min


  • Entertainment & Game Shows


  • Crave


1 season, 40 episodes, 2023 - 2024

  • 40 X 30 min. (2023-2024)