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Vie de chalet

Did you ever end up buying a cottage you really didn’t like? Did you inherit your grandfather’s place with its lugubrious 70s decor? Would you like to renovate the family cottage while preserving all those special childhood memories? Then Vie de chalet is the series for you! Designer Emilie Cerretti gives a helping hand to cottage owners short on inspiration when it comes to giving their precious safe havens a fresh new look. To get it right, she teams up with husband, business partner, and project coordinator Stéphane Larente. And with a team of hand-picked professionals, they take charge of major renovation projects designed to give a new lease on life to cottages that had it coming.


1 season, 13 episodes


30 min


1 season, 13 episodes, 2021 - 2021

  • 13 x 30 min (2021)