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Destination jardin avec Guillaume

Guillaume Thibert is a travel nut – a true globe-trotter who roams the planet six months out of the year. But what does he do during the other six months? He’s up to his elbows in dirt, enjoying his lifelong passion for horticulture, which comes from his family. It’s much more than a job! Give him a pot, some soil, and a few flowers, and he’ll have loads of fun! This TV magazine lets viewers watch Guillaume in action and experience the summer season gardening frenzy first-hand. He gives us a glimpse into the world of flowers and plants alongside his mother and his team, while they interact with plants, customers, and suppliers. In short, it’s a show that allows you to discover new trends in gardening, see what the experts are up to, and catch a few tips on greening your thumb!


2 seasons, 16 episodes


30 min


  • Magazine


  • Casa


2 seasons, 16 episodes, 2016 - 2018

  • 8 X 30 min (2017-2018)
  • 8 X 30 min (2016-2017)