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Opération séduction

Each week a single guy or gal who is seeking that special someone meets four candidates – one per day for the first four days of the week. These candidates set up romantic dates (candlelit dinner, 10-pin bowling, a walk in the country…) in an effort to stand out from the rest. At the end of Thursday’s show one of the candidates is chosen as the winner by the bachelor or bachelorette. These singletons come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. One week’s shows might feature twentysomethings, while the next might shine the spotlight on divorcees in their 40’s. And of course, to make things interesting, a few of the candidates fail spectacularly to make the grade… just like in real life!


2 seasons, 168 episodes


30 min


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2 seasons, 168 episodes, 2011 - 2013

  • 112 X 30 min (2012-2013)
  • 56 x 30 min (2011-2012)