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Me connais-tu? (Do You Know Me?)

The Quebec adaptation of Do You Know Me is a highly entertaining show hosted by the engaging Jérémy Demay. Think you know your partner like the back of your hand? Think they aren’t hiding anything from you? Each week, couples are stopped on the street, then asked a series of questions and given challenges that get crazier by the minute, all to find out whether they really know each other as well as they thought. The more rounds they get through, the more money they win… but hold on – perceptions can be misleading, strangers are sometimes roped into the game and then the squirming really begins!


1 season, 13 episodes


30 min


  • Entertainment & Game Shows


  • Canal Vie


1 season, 13 episodes, 2013 - 2014

  • 13 X 30 min (2013-2014)