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Comment rénover… sans trop se chicaner!

Real-life couple Saskia Thuot and Pierre-Alexandre Fortin take the helm of this eye-opening magazine show – a true survival guide for couples doing home renovations! Because, as everyone knows, there’s nothing like working together on a big reno project for turning domestic bliss into a domestic blitzkrieg… Saskia and Pierre-Alexandre rush headlong into this adventure by agreeing to open their condo doors to the cameras so viewers can follow the ups and downs as they makeover their vacation home. Along the way, they also share tips and advice with the folks at home about staying cool, calm and collected as a couple. And the show’s biggest highlight has got to be their fun and (in)famous Squabble Traps!


1 season, 8 episodes


30 min


  • Magazine


  • Canal Vie


1 season, 8 episodes, 2014 - 2014

  • 8 X 30 min (2014)