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Moi/me too

Aimed at preschool children, Me Too is about the daily trials and tribulations of three 5-year-old children who explore their own family life, emotions, budding friendships and the wide variety of life experiences they must face for the first time. Each new episode features a main theme related to the everyday joys and struggles of small children. Episodes follow this basic structure: a dramatic segment kicks off the show and establishes the day's theme. Then, with a little bit of magic, the child is transported into "Fluffy's World". Fluffy is an imaginary character, full of love and fun. With Fluffy's help, the series' protagonists and children at home do "The Drawing Game", move to "The Dance" and mimic "Fluffy's Rhyme Time", each of these fun-filled segments relating to the day's main theme. Music, laughter, surprises, tenderness and a good dose of "Fluffy style" magic punctuate these blocks. A final segment reviews and completes what the children have done and learned during the episode. Me Too combines fantasy and reality and lets little kids learn and move at their own pace while having fun, discovering new games and experiencing moments filled with tenderness and smiles.


1 season, 45 episodes


15 min


  • Youth


  • ICI Radio-Canada Télé
  • CBC


1 season, 45 episodes, 2002 - 2003

  • 45 x 15 min et 26 x 15 min (2002-2003)

Awards and recognitions

1 Gémeaux Award

  • 2003 - Gala des Prix Gémeaux - Meilleure émission ou série jeunesse, 3