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Dédé à travers les brumes

In the white expanses of the Quebec countryside, at St-Étienne-de-Bolton in Estrie, Dédé Fortin and his band, Les Colocs, hole themselves up to write what would become their most famous, but also their last, album. Dédé spends almost a year writing songs, his mood swinging between periods of creation and despondency. The singer takes stock of his life and relives periods in his past that in turn haunt and inspire him. Structured around this twin time-frame, where the singer’s past and present intertwine, the film allows us to witness both the birth of an important figure for Quebec music and his slow descent into inner torment that eventually led to his death in May 2000.


1 season, 1 episode


49 min


  • Fiction


1 season, 1 episode, 2009 - 2009

  • 149 min (2009)