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Dans une galaxie près de chez vous ii

Not long after landing on the planet Moisturizing Face Cream For Dry Skin to find their probe, the crew of the Romano Fafard learn from the Creamies that they are under the thrall of the Irazians, the inhabitants of the next planet. Captain Patenaude and his dysfunctional crew have to act fast to recover their machine which is critical to their search for a planet that can provide a new home for the six billion idiots who destroyed the ozone layer. Mind you, 2039’s most recent figures put their number at only just over four billion. The extraterrestrial Flavien and his friend Bob having been allowed to stay behind, Patenaude, Valence, Brad, Petrolia and Serge take off for Irazia. .


1 season, 1 episode


  • Fiction


1 season, 1 episode, 2008 - 2008

  • 100 min (2008)