We produce TV shows and other forms of entertainment in the same way that others practice their favourite sport: with enthusiasm, devotion and by giving 110%!

Since entering the playing field in 2000, we have drawn on our team’s know-how and creativity to produce high-quality products that astonish, educate, entertain, intrigue and delight audiences of all kinds.

Today, we’re in the big leagues, and our roster of in-house talent divides its energy between four major disciplines.


With around 850 hours of TV produced annually in English and French, Zone3 is one of Quebec’s leading production companies. In fact it’s one of the biggest players in Canada.

We love every single TV genre and format. With drama, variety, magazines, youth-oriented shows and documentaries, we provide programming for a large number of broadcasters at home and abroad.

Our original productions draw large audiences and many become well-loved shows. Year after year, these hits garner an impressive haul of prizes and awards!

In 2004, we entered the movie business with the hit feature film Dans une galaxie près de chez vous: le film. The sequel D_ans une galaxie près de chez vous 2_ (2008) and Dédé à travers les brumes in 2009 also made a splash, encouraging us to continue actively developing more features.

Over the last few years we have focused our music-related activities on up-and-coming artists such as Marc Hervieux, Julie Bélanger and the young stars of the TV show Mixmania.

We like to explore the full interactive potential of our productions from day one, and we especially love finding new ways to tell stories, to educate and to entertain!

By developing the synergy of our TV and digital productions to its fullest, we maximize our projects’ reach and connect with new audiences. We have already created a slew of convergent productions that are inventive, content-rich and highly accessible.

We also focus our efforts on developing projects solely for online and mobile platforms, while remaining constantly up-to-date with the latest trends in media consumption.


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