Un souper presque parfait


The hit British series Come Dine With Me provides the format for this daily contest which combines cooking, hosting and table décor. Each week, five participants who don’t know each other take turns to invite the other four for supper. Of course to stand out from the others and win the prize each host needs to wow their guests… who are also competitors! Each participant is judged by the others on, 1) their cooking, 2) décor and table setting, 3) the ambiance during the evening. The evening also has a generous portion of criticism, outspoken opinions and eye-opening revelations! By Friday the participant who has the highest score is named the week’s best host and wins a $2,000 cash prize.


Martine Arsenault
Guillaume Lespérance


65 X 30 min. (2020)
130 X 30 min. (2019-2020)
130 X 30 min. (2018-2019)
120 X 30 min. (2017-2018)
120 X 30 min. (2016-2017)
70 X 30 min. (2015-2016)
140 X 30 min. (2014-2015)
140 X 30 min. (2013-2014)
140 X 30 min. (2012-2013)
140 X 30 min. (2011-2012)
140 X 30 min. (2010-2011)


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