Remue-ménage au Biodôme


The Montreal Biodome – one of the city’s four Space for Life Museums – was completely renovated from the ground up over a period of two years. But before the doors were reopened in 2020, hundreds of animals relocated during the renovation had to be brought back. Just how did that work out? The series, hosted by the ever-effervescent Chantal Lamarre, tells the amazing story of how the animals returned home, with an exclusive look at the many intricate steps involved in the process, including the giant capybaras rodents touching down at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport after an intercontinental flight, X-raying a massive anaconda snake, and quarantining the penguins. It’s a televised odyssey filled with logistical, biological, and scientific challenges that really have to be seen to be believed


Luc Rousseau


10 × 13 min. (2019-2020)


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