Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs


Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs (In Lieu of Flowers) is a one-hour variety show taped before a live studio audience, featuring a weekly guest in a celebrity roast with a twist: they get to attend their own memorial service – an entertaining send-off filled with eulogies and some gentle ribbing.

Presented by a multi-talented host who takes an active part in the tribute, this fake funeral involves well-known faces as well as family members of the “deceased” sharing treasured memories of their loved one. Following a scripted intro that shows how the guest celebrity kicked the bucket, friends, family and colleagues take centre stage one by one to perform an entertaining series of monologues, songs, dance routines, comedy sketches and testimonials written especially in honour of the “deceased”.

Watching by themselves in a corner of the studio, the guest celebrity laps up the parade of well-wishers who bring up the best and worst moments of their public and private life. And what a life it was!


Jacques Payette
Nicolas Lemay
André Larin


12 X 60 min.(2020-2021)
13 X 60 min.(2019-2020)
13 X 60 min.(2018-2019)
13 X 60 min.(2017-2018)
13 X 60 min.(2016-2017)
13 X 60 min.(2015-2016)
14 X 60 min.(2014-2015)
12 X 60 min.(2013-2014)
15 X 60 min.(2012-2013)
13 × 60 min.(2011-2012)


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