On s'aime en chien


Hosted by dog trainer Jean Lessard, On s’aime en chien is an informative and entertaining weekly magazine program that examines the dynamics of an unusual type of “couple”: that of dog owners and their canine companions. This beautiful relationship, however, is put to the challenge. The “couple” is forced to make an honest self-assessment, acknowledge the not-always-flattering diagnosis of our educator/therapist, and make changes by correcting problems or learning new behaviour.

Each episode of_ On s’aime en chien!_ tells the story of a devoted “couple” that benefits from the extremely beneficial intervention of a true master.


Martine Arsenault


8 X 30 min. (2018-2019)
10 X 30 min. (2017-2018)
15 X 30 min. (2016-2017)
12 X 30 min. (2015-2016)


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