Marina Orisini


Marina Orsini is at the helm of this daily program that fits her to a T: modern, curious, generous, open to anything, and always willing to experiment and get her hands dirty. A little bit wacky and smiles all around!

All topics are discussed and put into practice with audience interaction. Sample topics include family concerns, new trends, health, finances, cooking, and the many joys of life in general. This new Marina-style magazine is part of people’s daily lives. The host’s greatest wish is for her audience to feel comfortable and at home and enjoy life with friends and family. It’s a recipe for a morning full of vital energy!


Luc Rousseau


60 X 90 min. (2018-2019)
98 X 90 min. (2017-2018)
110 X 90 min. (2016-2017)
110 X 90 min. (2015-2016)


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