In Maître du chantier, 12 construction pros battle it out in an exciting competition to be named the best general contractor in Quebec.
Hosted by Patrick Groulx, each episode is divided into three distinct challenges (one of which is dedicated to a social cause) where candidates must prove their ambition, strategy, skills, technique, and creativity. Not to mention that they must work together with their teammates…who are also their rivals.
Under the relentless, watchful eye of the judges – two experienced professionals well-known in the field – each challenge must be met with brilliance and thoroughness because failure can mean elimination. At the end of the competition, after the final challenge, only one of the pros will take home the title of Maître du chantier and a prize worth more than $65,000.


Francis Laforest


12 × 60 min. (2019-2020)
10 × 60 min. (2018-2019)


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