Canal Vie

Finding someone to share your life with is never easy for anyone – so just imagine how much harder it is if you’re a single parent. In this reality show hosted by Étienne Boulay, a single mother and a single father, determined to find love, embark on a 10-day dream cruise with their kids in tow. During the voyage, each single parent shares quality time with five different suitors (also accompanied by their children) selected specifically for them. Sunshine, family activities and romantic get-togethers are on the menu in this cruise full of twists and turns. There’s not the just two of them, after all, but twelve parents with kids looking for love!

But a choice must be made when the cruise comes to an end…when our two participants select the suitor they wish to extend the journey with and then, maybe, even start a new life and blended family together.


Francis Laforest


12 X 60 min. (2019-2020)
11 X 60 min. (2018-2019)


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