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Maybe art can’t change the world but it sure can change a person’s life. In each episode of this enlightening documentary series, cultural journalist Émilie Perreault presents two inspiring stories where art really made a big difference for someone. She invites viewers to follow her on location as she meets with two individuals whose lives have been profoundly changed by the impact of a work of art (including songs, paintings, movies, books, and comedy shows). Émilie also meets with the creator of each work to discuss their creation and their role as an artist. Then an actual and emotional meeting is arranged between the person whose life has been transformed by the work and the artist who, without knowing it, gave them the power to go ahead.


Edith Desgagné


4 × 60 min. (2019-2020)
10 × 60 min. (2018-2019)


2019 – Gala des Prix Gémeaux, Meilleure émission ou série documentaire : arts et culture : Émilie Perreault, Jeffrey Wraight

2019 – Gala des Prix Gémeaux, Meilleure réalisation documentaire : biographie ou portrait, arts et culture, nature, sciences et environnement – série : Frédéric Nassif, Maude Sabbagh


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