Code F.


The Quebec adaptation of the MTV series Girl Code, Code F. stars Maripier Morin, Virginie Fortin, Mariana Mazza, Marina Bastarache, Katherine Levac, Safia Nolin, Valérie Chevalier, Nadia Essadiqi (La Bronze) and Catherine Ethier – all of whom have a hilarious take and strong opinions on the unwritten laws of female behavior!

Code F. serves as a how-to manual full of over the top tips to push the envelope and open dialogue about the wonders and woes of womanhood, covering everything from getting dumped, girl fights, sexting, dancing, drinking and dating. No subject goes untouched with this daily dose of girl ‘realness’.

Each edition of the show also features opinionated male and female guests who add in their two cents in.


Jeffrey Wraight


15 X 30 min. + 1 X 60 min. (2017-2018)
30 X 30 min. (2016-2017)
50 X 30 min. (2015-2016)
50 X 30 min. (2014-2015)


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