C'est quoi ton plan ?

Canal Vie

C’est quoi ton plan?, hosted by Laurence Bareil, gives you a choice!

Does the design of one room in your house make you crazy? An overly cramped space so devoid of potential that you don’t know where to start? A room that leaves you at a complete loss and defies redesign? You’re the perfect candidate for this show’s concept!

This show gives you the opportunity to “shop”—three concepts brilliantly concocted by three mystery designers are on offer—for the design that best meets your needs. Once you pick your favourite concept, you discover which star designer created it. You also give us the green light to make it reality! That’s the C’est quoi ton plan? adventure!


Luc Rousseau


26 X 30 min. (2019-2020)
13 X 30 min. (2018-2019)
26 X 30 min. (2017-2018)
26 X 30 min. (2016-2017)


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