Call me if you die

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Jean-François Lelièvre is a police officer who works all over the world through an international exchange program that includes the Sureté du Québec. His skills attract the attention of SQ Captain Sam Kerr, a determined and spirited woman, who brings JF from Thailand, where he was working and had started a family.
Lelièvre finds himself involved in a new investigation into the Italian mafia, which includes his best friend, Mario Vietti. Since their teen years, JF, Mario and Mario’s sister, Sofia, got into all kinds of mischief until a tragic event separated the trio 30 years ago.
JF is forced to investigate Mario and his gang of criminals all over the streets of Montreal, where disturbing memories of Sofia also plague him. Torn between their professional duty and their friendship, the two men try their hand at double-dealing, hiding their special connection from their respective colleagues.


Diane England


8 X 60 min. (2018-2019)


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